TRISHA PAYTAS Confirms BREAK UP With Sean Van Der Wilt [FULL VIDEO]!

Trisha Paytas Breaks Down Discussing Break Up With Boyfriend of Three months—Sean Vander Wilt!

Trisha Paytas of blndsundoll4mj YouTube channel rushed to tell fans of breakup news with ex boyfriend, Sean Vander Wilt. Sean and Trisha were dating for three months.

Sean van der Wilt began making appearances Trisha’s vlogs at the end of 2015. Trisha teased fans for several months with boyfriend tags, intimate thumbnails, flirty videos of the couple together. Trisha and Sean went as far as to fly to Las Vegas wedding chapel! This left a couple million fans confused, wondering if they were dating, married or not.

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All came to a halt when Trisha uploaded this video entitled, “WE BROKE UP” to her YouTube channel, blndsundoll4mj. Trisha confirmed they were dating in the midst of her complete 6-minute meltdown! After the meltdown, Trisha then went to her twitter to say she would be calling fans! Trisha Paytas currently has 2.3+ million people subscribed to her YouTube channel.

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