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TRISHA PAYTAS Talks Mental Illness, Break Up & Being Mean to Others! [FULL VIDEO]

Trisha Paytas Breaks Up With Sean Van der Wilt & Discusses Mental Issues! YouTube Veteran, Trisha Paytas admits to mental issues in the midst of her...

Channon Rose Recounts WEDDING DAY FIASCO Involving Amber Walter!

Channon Rose Recounts Wedding Drama Continued Channon Rose continues on to note that without her approval or permission---this particular YouTuber "snap chatted" Channon's wedding ceremony, her...
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SarahhRUSH Tells Her Side of Channon Rose Wedding Fiasco!

CONTINUED: SarahhRUSH Tells Her Side of Wedding Drama Part 1! SarahhRUSH says they stayed at drag convention for 15 minutes—she left, hugged them and said...
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TRISHA PAYTAS BASHES Ex, ‘You’re Not Britney Spears, Bitch!’ [FULL VIDEO]

Trisha Paytas Compares Self To Britney Spears and Ex To Kevin Federline! It's been a craaazy Easter weekend for 8 year YouTube veteran, Trisha Paytas! Paytas...
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TRISHA PAYTAS and Sean Van der Wilt Debut Playground Music Video! [WATCH]

Trisha Paytas and Sean Van der Wilt Debut Playground Music Video! Trisha Paytas has been leaving many wondering about her relationship with dancer, Sean Van...
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Trisha Paytas Attempts To Use Influence To Sway Other To Vote For Donald Trump! Trisha Paytas is on a roll in these past couple of weeks!...
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Did TRISHA PAYTAS & Sean Van Der Wilt Have A ‘Quickie’ WEDDING In Vegas?!

YouTube Veteran Trisha Paytas Marries Dancer, Sean Vanderbilt in Las Vegas?! Trisha Paytas left thousands of viewers (also known as "fishes") guessing and specualating if she...
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Trisha Paytas ‘Showtime’ Music Video Teaser, Sean & Trisha Fighting Behind The Scenes? [WATCH]

Trisha Paytas uploaded sneak peek video footage of the music video for her new song, “Showtime” off her latest EP, Daddy Issues. Trisha posted various...
trisha paytas

TRISHA PAYTAS Fake Relationship EXPOSED by Choreographer/Dancer, Joe Slaughter!

Uh oh, things are getting very interesting. Joe Slaughter, Trisha Payta’s new 'boyfriend' and choreographer just uploaded a video to his YouTube channel wanting...
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Trisha Paytas Portrays Jessica Simpson In Eminem’s “We Made You” [VIDEO]

Trisha Paytas appeared in the opening of Eminem’s “We Made You” music video which hit TV’s across America in July 16th, 2009. In 2014,...


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