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Self Proclaimed ‘MEXICAN SHAYTARDS’ Interviews Top Family Vloggers!

Family Vloggers on the Rise: That Reyes Family At Vlogger Fair 2014, Alejandro Reyes of That Reyes Family gets noticed by well known family vloggers by discovering...
Channon Rose IVF photo

Channon Rose Captures IVF Journey In Powerful Photo, ‘Made With Love And Science’

Channon Rose uploaded a powerful image yesterday which documented her in vitro fertilization journey. The image displayed a baby's onesie with multiple medications and tools to help her...
monami frost

MONAMI FROST: Life As A 15-Year-Old Tattooed TEEN MOM!

Monami Frost Discusses the Joys and Hardships of Being a Young, Tattooed Mother Monami Frost, 21 became pregnant with her daughter Gabriella in Latvia when she was only...
Liza Koshy talks breakup with David Dobrik

Liza Koshy Talks David Dobrik Breakup At MTV Movie & TV Awards

David Dobrik uploaded "We Broke Up" onto his YouTube channel in which he and longtime girlfriend, Liza Koshy announce the decision to separate. The...
That Reyes Family

ALEJANDRO REYES Interviews ShayCarl & Austin Null at VloggerFair 2015!

At VloggerFair 2014, Alejandro Reyes of That Reyes Family (#MexicanShaytards) asked popular vloggers, "What's Your Favorite Mexican Dish", at Vlogger Fair 2015, Alejandro asks: "How...

NordicTrack Commercial Featuring Top YouTube Family Vloggers!

Here’s an awesome NordicTrack commercial featuring several popular YouTube family vloggers who portray stereotypical personalities found in a gym entitled, 10 Annoying People You Know...

TribeTyler Changing the Vlogging Game?

Tyler Shelton (age 21), has a knack for showing the beauty in everyday, mundane life. In this vlog, Tyler finally finds his unique vlogging...
Monami Frost daughter Gabriella born with guts out

Monami Frost Reveals Daughter Gabby Was Born With ‘Guts Outside Her Body’ Due To...

Monami Frost uploaded a video titled, “My Daughter Was Born With Her GUTS OUT/ Survival Story” and revealed that Gabby was born with her...
That Reyes Family

That Reyes Family YouTube Channel Vlogging History!

That Reyes Family Vlog History Alejandro and Sarah Reyes lived in Seattle (1 year), born and raised in Sacramento, California. Alejandro sold his business and became an...
20 pound baby

The Bennetts—-Chris, KC and Bohdi ARE BACK!

After a 2015 Vlogging Break, The Bennets Are Back with Son, Bohdi Are Back! Chris and his wife KC are back with their son, Bohdi...


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