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Karina Garcia engagement party

Karina Garcia Shares Photo Of Her Lavish Engagement Party!

Karina Garcia uploaded a photo of her lavish engagement party. In the photo's caption, Karina made sure to inform her fans that this was...

TribeTyler and Haylee Rose Getting MARRIED In Two Weeks!

Tyler and Haylee Shop For Wedding Items High school sweethearts, Tyler Shelton and Haylee Rose had been dating for over seven years before Tyler proposed...

CarlieStylez And Jackson Wood’s Gorgeous Mormon WEDDING! [PHOTOS]

CarlieStylez Has Gorgeous Wedding! Carlie and Jackson Wood's met, found love on Twitter and the rest is history! Before meeting Carlie--Jackson says he thought he had...

CarlieStylez Wedding Day!—Carlie Marries Jackson in Mormon Wedding Ceremony!

CarlieStylez Has beautiful Mormon Wedding Ceremony! Carlie Butler, creator of CarlieStyez YouTube channel gets ready with her family and friends at a hotel before the...
channon rose

Amber Walter SLIPS & FALLS During Channon Rose’s WEDDING?!

Amber Walter posts IG video and photo displaying bruises she received when she slipped and fell at a Hotel while at Channon Rose’s wedding! Amber...
amber walters

Amber Walter Explains WHY She Brought SUSPICIOUS Black Backpack To WEDDING!

Amber Walters begins this vlog by saying for most people—YouTube is happiness, success and friendship. For her—she had YouTube drama that was as she...

Channon Rose Recounts WEDDING DAY FIASCO Involving Amber Walter!

Channon Rose Recounts Wedding Drama Continued Channon Rose continues on to note that without her approval or permission---this particular YouTuber "snap chatted" Channon's wedding ceremony, her...
channon rose

Channon Rose Opens Up On WEDDING DAY DRAMA With Amber Walter!

Channon Rose is a lifestyle and beauty vlogger on YouTube who just recently married! Unfortunately, there has been a lot of negative attention surrounding...
desi perkins


YouTuber Desi Perkins Marries Steve Perkins in Laguna Beach Desi Perkins and husband, Steve-exchanged vows in front of 200 close friends and family in Laguna...
miranda sings

Colleen Ballinger MARRIES Joshua Evans, Surprise WEDDING VLOG!

Colleen Ballinger Marries Joshua Evans, Surprises Viewers With Romantic Wedding Vlog On the day Colleen and Joshua met on July 26th, 2009 and began vlogging...


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