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ellie and jared

Ellie and Jared–YouTube Vloggers Begin Construction On New Home!

Ellie and Jared Mecham Have Officially Signed Off To Begin Building New Family Home! Ellie Mecham begins todays vlog with Bonnie-watching their husbands and children...
sam and nia

Family Vlogger Sam Rader of Sam and Nia Has Twin Brother!

Sam Rader says goodbye to his twin brother, Michael. (Read More: Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia Go Viral After Miscarriage...) Want News and Updates on YouTubers...

JIM CAGIANO Thanks ProductJunkiexoxo For Bringing Back Children!

ProductJunkiexoxo Asks Jim Cagiano Super Intimate Questions on Family Road Trip! It is March 2014 and Valencia and Jim Cagiano are taking a road trip together with their...

Channon Rose Recounts WEDDING DAY FIASCO Involving Amber Walter!

Channon Rose Recounts Wedding Drama Continued Channon Rose continues on to note that without her approval or permission---this particular YouTuber "snap chatted" Channon's wedding ceremony, her...
Sam and Nia abc news

Family Vloggers Sam and Nia Get ABC News Special!

ABC News Interviews Sam and Nia at Home Sam and Nia published a vlog on their YouTube channel August 20th, 2015 entitled, "NATIONAL NEWS FROM OUR...
trisha paytasvideo


Trisha Paytas Attempts To Use Influence To Sway Other To Vote For Donald Trump! Trisha Paytas is on a roll in these past couple of weeks!...
desi perkins

Desi Perkins and Husband Steve Celebrate Thanksgiving in San Antonio, TX!

Beauty Guru Desi Perkins Visits Family In San Antonio, TX for Thanksgiving! It’s Thanksgiving and Desi Perkins is celebrating the holiday with her family in...
trisha paytasvideo

TRISHA PAYTAS Confirms BREAK UP With Sean Van Der Wilt [FULL VIDEO]!

Trisha Paytas Breaks Down Discussing Break Up With Boyfriend of Three months—Sean Vander Wilt! Trisha Paytas of blndsundoll4mj YouTube channel rushed to tell fans of...

NordicTrack Commercial Featuring Top YouTube Family Vloggers!

Here’s an awesome NordicTrack commercial featuring several popular YouTube family vloggers who portray stereotypical personalities found in a gym entitled, 10 Annoying People You Know...
latoya forever

LATOYA FOREVER Celebrates Birthday With Close Friends & Family!

LaToya Forever Birthday Celebration with Close Friends & Family! LaToya Ali, also known as LaToya Forever--creator of YouTube channel, LaToya’s Life uploaded a vlog entitled,...


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