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ProductJunkiexoxo and Jim Cagiano WEDDING PHOTOS!

Here are some ProductJunkiexoxo wedding photos to Army husband, Jim Cagiano! Jim and Valencia Cagiano recently divorced this year after being married for over a...


ProductJunkieXoxo Records Phone Call of CHEATING HUSBAND Asking HER To Meet The SIDE CHICK!! WHAT?!! Valencia Cagiano, creator of ProductJunkieXoxo YouTube channel dropped a bomb...
daily bumps

DAILY BUMPS Vloggers Raise Awareness for Anchor Cambodia Fund via YouTube!

Bryan Lanning Anchor Cambodia GoFundMe Page: February of this year I had one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I traveled to Cambodia. Just...
Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia Are Back and Surprises Viewers with NEW PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!

Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia Are Back and Surprises Viewers with Pregnancy Announcement Sam and Nia Rader, the controversial YouTube Christian vloggers are back from...
jamie and nikki thailand

PHOTOS: Jamie and Nikki Perkins 5 Part Anniversary Trip to Thailand!

Here are more gooooorgeous photos from Jamie and Nikki Perkins anniversary trip to Thailand! Nikki Perkins entering a cave! RELATED: JAMIE AND NIKKI PERKINS EPIC 5...
austin null cheating

Austin Null A Hypocrite?! WTF Is Going On Here?–Says One Must ADMIT to Wrongdoings!

Yes Austin, the tea is scorching hot...updates on this later. Austin and Britt Make Instagram Private and Delete Twitter! After Austin Null's video hit the web, the...
Sam and Nia abc news

Family Vloggers Sam and Nia Get ABC News Special!

ABC News Interviews Sam and Nia at Home Sam and Nia published a vlog on their YouTube channel August 20th, 2015 entitled, "NATIONAL NEWS FROM OUR...
austin null

Austin Null of The Nive Nulls Contemplates Success Before Leaving Fullscreen!

Austin Null of The Nive Nulls Preparing To Take on YouTube Full Time Austin Null of The Nive Nulls discusses thoughts regarding success and chasing...

SHAYTARDS: ShayCarl And Son Gavin Butler In New York City To Appear On Dr....

Shaytards In New York City To Appear On Dr. Oz Show! It's 5:00am-ish in the morning and ShayCarl (Shaytards YouTube channel) and Gavin are on their way...

MsNaz2you Slips Up? Who Is Max’s Biological Father?

Max was a planned pregnancy, which was vlogged documentary style on YouTube. Nas Riley has called long time family friend, Vince who is referred to as...


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