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ellie and jared

Ellie and Jared–YouTube Vloggers Begin Construction On New Home!

Ellie and Jared Mecham Have Officially Signed Off To Begin Building New Family Home! Ellie Mecham begins todays vlog with Bonnie-watching their husbands and children...
trisha paytas

TRISHA PAYTAS Reveals Issues With Infertility & Time In Sex Industry

Trisha Paytas Reveals Issues With Infertility & Time In Sex Industry YouTube veteran, Trisha Paytas reveals details on her time in the sex industry and infertility...

ProductJunkiexoxo: Pregnant With TWINS, Pre-Term Labor At 29-Weeks

In the vlog entitled "29 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Vlog and Preterm Labor", uploaded ProductJunkiexoxo YouTube channel, Valencia Cagino is 29 weeks pregnant with twins, Jordan and...
trisha paytasvideo

TRISHA PAYTAS BASHES Ex, ‘You’re Not Britney Spears, Bitch!’ [FULL VIDEO]

Trisha Paytas Compares Self To Britney Spears and Ex To Kevin Federline! It's been a craaazy Easter weekend for 8 year YouTube veteran, Trisha Paytas! Paytas...
daily bumps

DAILY BUMPS Vloggers Raise Awareness for Anchor Cambodia Fund via YouTube!

Bryan Lanning Anchor Cambodia GoFundMe Page: February of this year I had one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. I traveled to Cambodia. Just...

ProductJunkiexoxo and Jim Cagiano WEDDING PHOTOS!

Here are some ProductJunkiexoxo wedding photos to Army husband, Jim Cagiano! Jim and Valencia Cagiano recently divorced this year after being married for over a...
latoya forevervideo

LaToya Forever: How To Earn MONEY On YouTube!

Successful YouTube Vlogger LaToya Forever Reveals How To Earn Money on YouTube Making money from YouTube is something many have wondered how to do. Successful...

Channon Rose Recounts WEDDING DAY FIASCO Involving Amber Walter!

Channon Rose Recounts Wedding Drama Continued Channon Rose continues on to note that without her approval or permission---this particular YouTuber "snap chatted" Channon's wedding ceremony, her...
miranda sings

Colleen Ballinger Evans Raises Over $20,000 In 2 HOURS Via YouTube!

Colleen Ballinger Evans Raises Over $20,000 for Childhood Cancer on YouTube in Two Hours! Colleen Ballinger Evans of YouTube channel, PsychoSoprano and Miranda Sings - participated in a "yard sale"...
Sam and Nia abc news

Family Vloggers Sam and Nia Get ABC News Special!

ABC News Interviews Sam and Nia at Home Sam and Nia published a vlog on their YouTube channel August 20th, 2015 entitled, "NATIONAL NEWS FROM OUR...


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