Top YouTube Family Vloggers Who GRADUATED From College

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Top Family Vloggers With College Degree

Here is a short list of family vloggers who graduated from college. There are many more!

1. Judy Travis (itsJudysLife)

Judy Travis of YouTube channel, itsJudysLife graduated from college with a bachelors degree in psychology from The University of Washington. In March 2015, on her itsJudysLife family vlog, Judy visited her college with her husband, three daughters (two being twins). During this vlog, a large number of viewers came up to her to greet her family.

itsJudysLife college campus.

ItsJudysLife visits college campus with family. [Source: itsJudysLife/YouTube]
A viewer on itsJudysLife YouTube channel asked if she regretted not utilizing her college education, Judy responds:


Judy originally went to school for Business Marketing. After taking some of the required classes, she realized it was not for her. In the beginning, Psychology was an elective-yet, became the degree she graduated college with.

“You can use it in everyday life. I feel like it wasn’t wasted-I love it. I can relate and understand people a lot better of what I’ve learned from Psychology. Even to this day-my career and life goal was to be a stay at home mom.”

Judy says she loves to have the opportunity to work at home, raise her kids and feels it’s the most rewarding job. Judy says she has no regrets at all.

Colleen Ballinger Evans (Miranda Sings)

miranda sings

Colleen Evans was a Vocal Performance major at Azusa Pacific University before becoming the legendary, Miranda Sings. Colleen and Joshua Evans exchanged vows in a surprise beach ceremony. Both Colleen and Josh having family vlog YouTube channels.

3. Austin Null (The Nive Nulls)

the nivenulls
Austin Null vlogs his college graduation. [Source: The Nive Nulls/YouTube]
Austin Null of The Nive Nulls may be one of the first vloggers to have vlogged his own college graduation on his YouTube channel (2011). Austin vlogged himself and wife, Brittany getting ready for the ceremony. Austin vlogged the entire graduation ceremony to its completion.

4. Patricia Bright (Britpoplife Vlogs)

patricia bright
Patricia Bright and husband, Mike. [Source: Britpoplife/YouTube]
Patricia Bright is a fashion turned family vlogger after the pregnancy announcement of baby due with husband, Mike. Patricia then began her family vlog channel, Britpoplife.

Patricia initially studied International Fashion Marketing and changed her mind to Accounting. Patricia says,

“I hated my first year at university. I was very depressed. I cried so much!”

5. GloZell Green

[Source: SheKnows]
GloZell is a YouTube comedian who is now vlogging her pregnancy journey with husband. Glozell obtained a bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre at the University of Florida in 1997.

“When off to college, it’s up to you to get your lessons done and be responsible. Let me tell you, you can have a whole lot of fun at UF, but the goal is to graduate and have a good time. Gators love being a Gator, and I enjoyed every single moment of it, so I’m very proud to be a graduate of UF.”

6. Jenna Marbles (Jenna Marbles Vlog)

Jenna Marbles obtained two college degrees, a Bachelor’s of Science from Suffolk University and a Bachelor’s from Boston University.

jenna marbles
Jenna Marbles illustrates things you can do with a college degree in her vlog. [Source: Jenna Marbles/YouTube]

7. Francesca Ramsey (Chescaleigh)

Francesca Ramsey attended Miami International University of Art and Design-this is where she obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.Chescaleigh

Francesca got engaged to longtime boyfriend, Patrick in 2011 after a trip from Paris. In December, 2014-Francesca married Patrick, posting the wedding vlog on her YouTube channel.


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